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International students – 1st of December 2017

Scandinavian students – 16th of April 2018




The Arctic Nature Guide education is offered through The Arctic University of Norway. The one-year programme is situated on Svalbard. We offer a practical and vocational education with focus on friluftsliv and tourism. Our professional guides have great knowledge and experience in guiding in the Arctic climate and nature. During the year we hike majestic mountains, explore glaciers, goes into ice caves, crossing sea ice, skiing with pulkas and so much more. Are you tempted to become one of us?

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Our programme is in its seventh year and has become  an unique education for professional nature guides. You will explore the worlds biggest and coldest classroom on the Arctic archipelago Svalbard.


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We recommend you to become familiar with the study plan. Here you get information about the learning outcomes, the requirements and the structure of the study.


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Do you want to see what we are doing on our fall, winter and summer excursions?

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Arktisk nature guide

Find out about insurance, accommondation, equipment and much more by visiting our FAQ page.


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Good guiding is safe guiding. High focus on polar bear safety, first aid, navigation, tour planning, and rescue on glaciers, sea ice and with avalanches.


The value of the Arctic nature, environment and animal life is uniqe, beautiful, harsh and vulnerable.


Knowledge is the key to understand the composition of human and nature on Svalbard – its history, biology, geology, geography and meteorology.


When experience and presence suddenly hits the guests on top of a mountain, down in an ice cave or around a campfire by the shore, it’s because the guide through engagement and passion convey understanding of nature.

Satset og startet eget guidefirma


Johannes Cees Apon er utdannet naturguide og viser deg den berømte Lysefjordens ukjente sider.

Guidenes gåsehudansvar


…guiden har en nøkkelrolle for om du sitter igjen med en av dine livs opplevelser

eller ikke.

Naturen blir til sammen med andre


Norsk reiseliv har enormt potensiale viss det klarer å leve opp til sin eigen merkevarestrategi: sterke opplevingar i natur.

Arktisk naturguide - profesjonelle guider?


Utover NORTIND er det kun universitetet i Tromsø som driver en naturguideutdanning med en spesifikk og tydelig innretning mot naturguideyrket.

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